Utah 2020 Governor

Utah 2020 Governor is part of Phase 2 of the 2019 Utah Tax Referendum effort. It was planned long before the Cornornavirus (COVID-19) created havoc with the 2020 elections but it is even more timely now because of that.

This website is part of the Utah 2020 Project, the parent website, it is specifically designed to allow candidates for federal, state and local office to inform voters of where they stood on the tax reform bill—SB2001—that was passed by the legislature in a special session just before Christmas 2019. (That bill was eventually repealed by the legislature in January 2020 after well over 170,000 signatures were collected which meant it would have been put on hold until the citizens could vote on it in November 2020.)

Candidates whose information is posted to this website were required to respond to each of seven questions directly related to the Utah 2019 Tax Referendum. In addition, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which has made it more difficult for candidates to reach out to the citizens of Utah, each candidate may submit additional information (maximum of 600 words) in order to help voters make the best decision possible. This information can be found immediately after the responses to the seven questions. All information provided by candidates is posted exactly as submitted without any editing by the administrators of this website. If candidates are not listed that is because they chose not to provide the requested information.

Click on the appropriate tab at the top of this page to find information about the candidates for Governor in the Utah 2020 elections.

Utah 2020 Project